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Wanaka Heli-Bike-Camp-SUP mission



“Approaching a wall of mountain in a helicopter with a 35-knot gale blowing is a good way to start a MTB ride. Apart from the obvious advantage – you don’t have to ride up – it means you won’t be phased by the ride down, no matter how sketchy. Reassuringly, the pilot looked more like he was solving a particularly challenging Sudoku puzzle than landing a helicopter – full of women and bikes – on the top of a 1500m peak in a howling gale.” (excerpt from Miek Deuninck’s account of Mission WOW’s epic Heli-Bike-Camp-SUP mission on the banks of Lake Wanaka in Cooler Magazine)

Want to read more? Check out the article in Cooler Magazine‘s new issue. Download the digital version for here or subscribe for the paper version to be delivered to your door.

Big shout out to Wanaka Bike Tours,Wanaka Kayaks Sup & SailStash Media WorxCarrick Winery & RestaurantMount Edward Winery,Federal Diner Camilla Stoddart Photography for making it happen.






Mid-winter event update

Hello lovely ladies of past and present Mission WOW,

Hope the season has been treating you all well and you’re ready for the awesome spring that we’re hoping for!
This is a quick mail to remind you of the events we’ve got coming up for the rest of winter in Canterbury, Turoa and Wanaka.
Info for all events here, with a recap below
7-8th Sept: Porters Backcountry Weekend- Fully booked for 2013 but we will definitely be running it again next winter
9-13th SeptWOW Wellness Retreat Ski 5 club fields, nights skiing, yoga, backcountry safety, nutrition and workshops $640
14-15th SeptMt Olympus Final Fling– We need your reservations by this Sat 17th Aug otherwise they will start filling the hut with randoms. You need to book through the Olympus booking system at bottom of this pagehere but if you can’t quite get round to this by Sat and you know you want to come then pretty please just send me an email so I can reserve you a bed.
14-15th Sept: Turoa Backcountry Weekend- Intro to backcountry and Touring for the North Island ladies
20-22nd Sept: Wanaka Backcountry Progression Camp- We are just finalising the details with Aspiring Guides- it’s looking like a 3 days, 2 night trip with a heli flight into Robrosa Hut on the Pisa Range, touring in the basin for 2 days, staying in huts and then touring out to the Snow Farm. There are 2 huts, each sleeping 5 so there will be 2 guides and 8 participants. I will send out more details soon to those who have expressed interest, let me know if you’re keen if you haven’t already.
19-20th Oct: Turoa Backcountry Weekend- Overnight hut adventure ski touring for the North Island ladies
and then we’ll be back into bike, surf and hike adventures!
Looking a 20 min watch?- Ted Talk- Dave Eggers- Once Upon a School 
Thanks for you time and support for Mission WOW, any questions, pls ask
Group ski it's all about technique


Effort vs Reward, Treble Cone

It’s been a wet week.  After such a fab start to the season we watched, when the rain clouds cleared, as the snow level crept up the mountain. Gutted.

Treble Cone had been closed and the rain had groomed the entire mountain and then set it up, nice and firm like. Good base. Making sure it’ll stay around till spring. hmmmm.

View from saddle track, Treble Cone, Wanaka

When Thursday rolled around the the sun rose onto TC, the game was on again. 5-10cm in the saddle, that’s all we needed! The lower mountain was shimmering beautifully and with it the warning signs came- ‘Stay on piste, don’t venture off, very firm conditions. Lower main street closed’.  A bit more hmmmm.

View from saddle Chair, Treble Cone, Wanaka

When the saddle was open, and the obligatory chinese downhill was past, we ventured up for a sampling. And we were very pleasantly surprised.  the shady shoulders were in prime condition and the day was deemed well worth it.

From summit of Treble Cone, Wanaka looking back along Matukituki Vally

The summit was open and so a little trot up there was suggested. Smooth, creamy fresh goodness, way more than we had bargained for. Satisfaction guaranteed. A second little trot up the old summit hike ridge line took us to a slightly different view that we don’t see very often anymore. More of the same fresh and open, making the effort well worth the reward.

hiking the old summit ridge, Treble Cone, New Zealand

All in a morning and back down by lunch. Love it. Thanks Treble Cone. Looking forward to what you’ve got to offer tomorrow, we’ll be there rain or storm!