Treble Cone- Thursday sessions- Ski lessons with a backcountry focus



This fun and rewarding programme is best suited for women or Mums looking to upskill their skiing in all terrain and get the chance to explore the backcountry. The 5-day programme is designed to improve ski technique within resort bounds and work towards a one day back-country experience with Jo Guest from Mission WOW and Aspiring Guides. You can come to just the lesson series, just the backcountry day or all.

Thursday session- Lessons, with a backcountry focus- Book with Treble Cone here

Work with higly qualified coaches off piste for 4 weeks developing stablilty, adaptibilty and terrain selection, skills for enjoying backcountry snow. Lessons focus will include:

  • ski technique to be confident skiing in all snow conditions off piste
  • looking at terrain, where would you want to ski, where is it safe to ski,
  • looking at the snow pack and effects of weather on snow- where is it going to be best skiing at what time of day, depending on sun, wind, rain, snowfall

Backcountry guided day- Book with Mission WOW (Fully booked for Aug 24th)

Join Mission WOW and Aspiring Guides for an intro to backcountry safety and touring. Practical useable skills, local information and guided backcountry travel. We want to get you out there moving in the terrain to search for beautiful, fresh turns.

Join us for a pre-trip planning session (2hrs, the night before) – meet at Aspiring Guides to share some wine, look at weather, maps, route plan, gear hire and check. On the day – meet your guide at TC cafe after kids in lessons and travel up to top of saddle to venture out for the day. We’ll have you back to collect the kids after their day of lessons.

On the day- what  we’ll cover:

  • Route finding and terrain selection for backcountry travel
  • How to use different ski touring equipment
  • Uphill travel techniques for skiers & snowboarders
  • Search & Rescue; using tranceivers, probing, shovelling



Dates: 4 x Thursdays, in line with Wanaka Primary 27 July, 7 Aug, 14 Aug, 21 Aug,
Cost: 4 x 4 hours ( 16 hours) $320
Discounted lift pass: Full mountain $66 a day (40% off adult rate)
Backcountry guided day: 
Evening info session, in town Wed 23 Aug, 6-8pm
On mountain day, Treble Cone Thurs 24 Aug, 9am-3pm (Full)
Cost: 1 evening & 1 day $195
Discounted lift pass: Backcountry pass $24 (40% off backcountry pass)
Backcountry gear hire: 
Transciever, shovel, probe $20 from Aspring Guides
Touring specific skis, boots, bindings Limited number of Dynafit gear available FOC, or we can help find you rental gear, cost varies

Must have minimum of 6 people to run

Lesson booked online at Treble Cone here

Backcountry booked at Mission WOW here