Contact Epic- skills and maintenance

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Bike skills & maintenance clinics

  • Want to gain confidence riding on different terrain?
  • Need hands-on experience on how to change a tyre and fix a chain?
  • Keen to ride with more flow on trails?
  • Want to learn how to adjust your body position on the bike to be a more effective rider?

Our aim is to teach you MTB skills, techniques and maintenance tips to help you gain confidence to make your adventure on the Contact Epic more fun by offering you

  • 2-hour Bike Maintenance Course, free, Wednesday 19th April- Register here
  • 3-hour MTB Fundamental Skills Course, $99, 14th & 15th April

There are so many fundamental skills to learn about biking which can help make it more enjoyable and so you can progress through whatever goals you may have. We have been running Mission WOW bike skills events for women over the past 7 years and have loved watching everyone’s confidence and enjoyment grow throughout a session. We have a team of coaches who have helped design the program and we ourselves continue to grow and progress each time we coach a course.

  • 3-hour MTB Fundamental Skills Course

Focus on skills and drills, breaking down technique to build it back up- body position, braking, gears, river crossings, bike carrying and line choice.

Cost: $99 pp, min 3 people, max 6 per instructor.

Dates: Saturday 1st, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, April

Time: 9am- 12pm or 1pm- 4pm

Who: Girls and guys welcome

Interested? Email jo here 

Numbers and weather dependent. If you have a group of 3+ friends, choose your own date.

  • 2-hour Bike Maintenance Course- Free

A workshop style course in association with Outside Sports with various stations to practice the skills you need to be self-sufficient on the day. Changing a flat tyre, fixing a broken chain, what to bring with you, tips and tricks to make it easy when you’re under the pressure of race day.

Cost: Free

Dates: Wednesday 19th April

Time: 6-8pm

Location: Outside Sports Bike shop

Who: Girls and guys welcome

Interested? Register for the free course here

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