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MTB Skills Sessions



To give you the skills to be more confident on your bike so you can enjoy riding more


To provide a fun, supportive environment to learn in
To encourage beginner riders to progress their skills
To inspire experienced riders to challenge themselves and step up their riding to the next level
To build a community of like- minded riders

Come and benefit from our newly revised programme with by internationally recognised PMBI bike coaching qualification

Upcoming courses for beginner- intermediate levels

WOW-bike Wanaka Feb 2016Women’s Wednesday night series- 3 Feb – 2 March 2016, 5 week Wednesday night sessions involving bike maintenance, body position, braking, gears, cornering, line choice and lots more 6-8pm $145  Register here

4 hour Fundamentals course- dates on request (4-6 people)- body position, braking, gears, cornering $ on request
Mission WOW Wanaka Bike women skills


Whether it be for fitness, fun, family or with the intention of entering adventure races., there are so many fundamental skills to learn about biking which can help make it more enjoyable and so you can progress through whatever goals you may have.

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For the past few years we have run a full on one-day bike skills workshop, catering for 40-50 women each time, linking it with bike maintenance and sports nutrition.

Previous event videos- Wanaka 2012,  Wanaka 2010, Scotland 2012start of the day


The aim is for different ability groups of 6 participants each.

Dates not working for you? Let us know here what you’d like and we’ll see if we can make it happen

Thanks to Outside Sports and Bike Wanaka for the support

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