Christchurch- Bike

WOW-bike ChCh

 More skills = more confidence = more fun.

Do more.

Mountain bike skills, ride, maintenance & social.

For women.

Christchurch 9-10 May 2015

1 day $90, 2 days $160 includes a pair of Mons Royale merino socks

9am. beverage and banter, skills, lunch, tech session, ride, beverage and banter, goodies and giveaways. 3pm

Locations TBC, ability appropriate.

Bring your bike, food and ‘game-on’ attitude

Are you in? Register here 

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Mission WOW Wanaka Bike women skills

Whether it be for fitness, fun, family or looking to compete, there are so many fundamental skills to learn about biking which can help make it more enjoyable and so you can progress through whatever goals you may have.

We’ve been running bike skills events for 5 years around Wanaka, Queenstown and Scotland and this time we’ve linked up with Smith and Mons Royale to bring you the best of everything.


To provide a fun, supportive environment to learn in
To encourage beginner riders to progress their skills
To inspire experienced riders to challenge themselves and step up their riding
To build a community of like- minded riders

line up small


A rough plan of each day is below, the 2 days will work with a similar schedule but for those doing the 2 days there will be more in depth skills, challenges and a different ride. The two days is ideal but we are aware that not everyone can commit to a whole weekend so thought we’d make it work for a one day session also. This weekend is about learning skills, rather than riding huge distances. We believe that you can do that yourself or with friends so we want to make the best use of our time with you. This is your time to ask questions, try new things, get motivated, meet like-minded others and have a laugh.  Don’t worry about your fitness, we hope to develop your skills so you’ll want to get out there more and enjoy your biking so then you’ll get fitter (rather than you thinking you need to get out there to get fit)

For us, biking is all about fun with good folk, catching up with friends, banter and buzz.

  9.00- Meet, greet & coffee at The Cup, Cashemere

  9.30- Head to start, bike check

  9.45- Skills session 1

11.00- Snacks (provided) and chat

11.15- Skills session 2

12.45-  Lunch (BYO) and tech talk/ maintenance workshop

13.30- Ride and apply skills

14.30- Debrief and beverage at The Cup

15.00- Depart

Previous event videos- Wanaka and  Scotland 2012

start of the day


The aim is for different ability groups of 6 participants each. There might also be a second tail guide/ coach with each group.

Dates not working for you? Let us know here what you’d like and we’ll see if we can make it happen





One response to “Christchurch- Bike

  1. moira hofsteede

    Hi are you intending to hold another women’s 1 day maintenance course in 2017?

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