‘Wheels’ @ Queenstown

WOW-bike QueenstownSat 23 & Sun 24 Feb 2013

We have teamed up with the expert knowledge and skills of the Queenstown Mountain Bike School to bring you MTB skills coaching at the famous Queenstown Bike Park (aka ‘The Gondola’!) They have been coaching there for years and have a wealth of experience and patience ready to taylor make and share with you.

Covering riding position, braking, weight transfer, different types of corners, pumping the terrain, body position, flow, drops, roots and everything else you’ll encounter on a ride.

The goal of the event is to provide a fun, non-threatening environment that encourages beginner riders to progress their skills, and experienced riders to challenge themselves and step up their riding to the next level. We aim to inspire and encourage those who want to challenge themselves and meet like-minded individuals.

This would be the next step up from what we did in Wanaka so is more aimed for intermediate and advanced riders, rather than complete beginners. There is an amazing blue run called Hammy’s which is 6km of flowing downhill, this is their introductory trail and you can ride it happily on a front suspension bike. You don’t need to have all the body armour, just your normal helmet will be fine. For those of you wanting to get into the full on downhill, we will have a group focussing on that too.

There are one day, two day and accommodation options available  If you’re keen to come down to Queenstown for the whole weekend, you can progress each day and master different skills and have plenty of time to practice. We’re going to be staying at Pinewood lodge which sits right at the base of the gondola and is set up for bikers- affordable, self catering, relaxed, bike workshop space and very close to town. We can arrange pickups from the airport and sort you bike hire if you’re coming from far away.

If your partner wants to come down with you then let me know as there are double rooms available, but sorry, they can’t join in the coaching sessions!

There will be a Gopro camera available in the afternoon for people to attach onto their bikes/ helmets and record their run! We’ll then give you the footage

If you’re local and just want to come for the day then that is sweet as well.

The coaching will be from 10-2pm so a half day pass will work, there is the option to buy a full day pass and then ride all afternoon and practice with whoever wants to stay around

School logobw

Sat 23 Feb
10am-2pm- coaching
2-3pm lunch & bike maintenance clinic
3.30pm –optional group ride
evening- yoga/ stretch session
night-BBQ and beverages
Accommodation option at Pinewood

Sun 24 Feb
10am-2pm- coaching
2-3pm- lunch & bike maintenance clinic
3.30pm- optional group ride

We will combine the skills clinics with bike maintenance and offer an affordable accommodation option at Pinewood Lodge (at the base of the gondola) with BBQ and social gathering to follow. There is also a chance for a yoga class if people are interested

Interested? Register online here

    • registration
    • 4 hour clinic on  1:5 ratio
    • bike maintenance clinic
    • yoga/stretch class

one day $149,
two days $379

Not included-
lift pass (10% discount)
bike and helmet hire (discount from Vertigo bikes)

We can get a 10% discount on gondola passes for the day, normally $55 for half day (10-2 or 2-dusk) or  full day $75 (10-dusk). http://www.skyline.co.nz/queenstown/mountain-biking/



2 responses to “‘Wheels’ @ Queenstown

  1. can you just do the sunday one?

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