Olympus- Final Fling

And we’re back for more!

14-15 Sept 2013, Mission WOW Final Fling

Mt. Olympus, we love you.

Winter is short in New Zealand and many great intentions at the start of the season are often had with adventures in mind, but sometimes it’s difficult to get out town, arrange time off work with others, and actually do it. So I thought if I organise a weekend in advance, you can all arrange time off work, baby-sitters/partners/dog-sitters and just do it.

Some of the thoughts so far the weekend

  • instruction/ technique/ skills
  • back-country awareness/ transceivers searches
  • touring skills
  • yoga
  • healthy living and eating
  • photography workshop
  • creative workshops
  • relaxing and rejuvenating
  • networking and meeting potential adventure/ project/ business connections
  • demo new skis
  • non-skiing snow activities
  • drinking, dinner and dancing
  • lots of skiing

and anything else you can think of…

Costs: Registration for the weekend is $25 (includes goodie bag, one raffle ticket and much more) and then accom and skiing costs on top of this. We have been offered a cracking deal for all non-members of $80 dinner bed breakfast and lunch (hot tub and fancy dress box included!). For all other rates and to register online with Mt Olympus, click here for the Mt Olympus website. This is a different format to previous years- To confirm your place you need to email the booking form (on the Mt Olympus website) and pay them for your registration, accom and skiing. This is to try and avoid the slight organised chaos that we got ourselves into last year with paying on the hill. We hope this is a smoother and more pleasant experience for everyone involved! And are very excited to see the next stage of the new renovations

You can come for as long or short as you’d like- We’ll be skiing there on the Friday and staying the Sunday night also so feel free to join us. There are beds for 48 people if 8 people are happy to share a double bunk. Otherwise we can accommodate 40 all in your own beds. Get booking!

The event will be supported by various sponsors in many shapes and forms. I will post them here as the offers come flying in! And in turn we will be supporting onepercentcollective.org The proceeds from raffle/auction and a portion of the registration fee will go to them.

Last year…


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