WOW ‘Waves’ in the Catlins 2012

Taking the land locked ladies from the mountains to the ocean.

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20-22TH JANUARY 2012

For the 3rd year running we are taking landlocked ladies from the mountains to the ocean. Curio Bay in the Catlins is our destination; surfing and yoga is our mission. We have a large bach reserved, with a lawn out the front which rolls down the dunes and onto the beach. Spread the word, we can cater for many.

Arrive down there on Friday night (about 3.5-4hrs from Wanaka, 1hr from Invercargill, 3 hrs from Queenstown- long way from ChCh- best way fly to Queenstown on Jetstar and get a ride down). Will be arranging car pooling transport from Wanaka getting us out of town while the multi-sport athletes move in.

Tide times should allow us a wee surf on Friday night, Sat morning and Sunday morning. Best time to surf is roughly 2 hours before and after high tide down there.

Yoga sessions running each day, time  dependent on tide time and surf lesson. Wildlife adventures to see yellow-eyed penguins (the world’s rarest penguin), wee Blue penguins, Hectors Dolphins, Sea Lions and Fur Seals and the fossilised forest from the Jurassic period!

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