Anna Cook

Since the age of 6 years old when her father built a portable ski rope tow made from the lawn mower engine and carried in the boot of the car to the snow on Porters Pass, Anna developed an early passion for the mountains, ski ing and the snow. This has continued on through her life with time spent on the Treble Cone ski patrol, running her own company taking mountain bike trips and Women’s Ski touring expeditions in the Indian Himalaya, and heli ski guiding both in the Indian Himalaya and at Harris Mountains Heli ski in Wanaka where she has also been the avalanche forcaster for the past 10 years. She would almost classify herself as a nerd when it comes to snow science. Anna would be considered one of the most experienced female ski guides in the world.

She also gets her passion from teaching others how to enjoy and keep safe in the mountain environment. With over 15 years experience teaching on Otago Polytech courses aimed at students wanting to further their knowledge in the avalanche/ski industry to MSC weekend courses for those simply requiring basic backcountry knowledge to build on.

She has more recently tried to balance her love of the outdoors with the challenge of the sea, taking up surfing and kite boarding.

None of all this is done without a camera close by. Anna is an accomplished photographer with credits in various outdoor magazines.

Overall what interests Anna most are people. She loves to meet new people and share experiences.

Laetitia Campe

Laetitia is of French/German origin, grew up as a sailor circumnavigating the globe. She did a Bachelor of Art graduating from Brown University in the USA.

Laetitia lived in Chamonix, France before making New Zealand  her home in 1993. She is an NZMGA qualified climbing and ski guide. Laetitia lives in Wanaka and works as a heli ski guide for Harris Mountain Heliski since 1997. She has been climbing and ski touring in the NZ alps with friends and clients extensively. Over the years ski touring and heliski work  has taken her to the European Alps, Himachal in northern India as well as the glaciers of Greenland.

Her nomadic childhood, as well as later travels has also instilled  a life-long passion for the interpretation of landscapes. As an artist Laetitia has been mainly painting but lately she has been focusing on printmaking. She is committed to this form of art having  completed a Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts in prinmaking from Otago School of Art in 2010.

Laetitia is a mother of two and continues to balance her art practice with family and work as a guide.




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