How do I know that I’m not too much of a beginner for this weekend? To enjoy this weekend all you need to do is be happy riding your bike on a gravel path that might have a few bumps in it. If you are really not comfortable on a bike but want to learn, then get out on the streets/ Outlet tracks and go for a peddle every week before the weekend.  There will be plenty of others in the same boat as you, all you need to have is the desire to do it and we’ll show you the rest.

Will this weekend be challenging enough for me if I am an advanced rider? The specific skills session that we will be running will cover things that you might never have learnt, and wished that someone had taught you. It could be that you have plateaued in your riding and can’t work out how to take the next step. If you feel that you have all the technical skills already and would like to help out in the session or tail guiding then please get in contact with me here

Will the weekend still go ahead if it’s raining? Yes, it will, unless a natural disaster occurs. Bring clothes to cater for all weather conditions to keep you warm and dry.

What kind of bike do I need to bring? Bring a mountain bike that fits you and is in good working condition, recently checked over by a certified bike mechanic. Your bike needs to have front suspension, rear suspension is an added bonus but not required in the slightest.  A quick release on your seat post is a really useful addition, if you don’t have one it’d be a good idea to get one before the weekend. Just remember that they come in different sizes so take your seat post into the bike shop when you go to buy one.

What if I need to hire a bike? Racers Edge Bike (443 8855) are doing a discount deal for any WOW participants, show them your confirmation of entry and they will sort you out. Please reserve your bike in good time so that you get the right size.

Where exactly are we going to be based? There is a google map here of where we will start. Turn off Aubrey Road onto the Outlet Road and you will see cars and banners along on the straight before you drop down to the Motor Camp.  We will have a large tent, Port-a-loo, BBQ, speakers and water as our base up in the shelter of the trees.

Can I bring my my kids and partner? Not for the coaching and ride session. They are welcome to come along from 4.30pm on Saturday for BBQ and tunes. Bring the kids bikes too.

I thought it was for two days of coaching, why did it change to one? We decided to do one full days of skills and coaching and then on the Sunday people can organise to meet for rides when it suits. People seemed to have a lot of commitments and a full weekend was a lot to set aside. We will do more, this is just the first of many.

What if I register and pay and then can’t come? Do I get my money back? If you cancel before registration closes on 26th November you get a 50% refund $25). After that date, I’m sorry we can’t do anything, but remember that we are fundraising for local project Te Kakano so it’s going to a good place.

Will I need to sign a waiver? Yes, it will be available to download from the site soon and paper copies to sign on the day

If I’m under 18 can I come on my own and is it cheaper? Yes you may come, if you’re under 16 you need to be accompanied by a parent/ guardian and they must sign the waiver on behalf of you. The price is the same for everyone- $50 before 26th Nov.

Any other questions? feel free to ask here, if you want to know something, the likelihood is that someone else will too


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