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Inspiring women to challenge themselves!


Through face-to-face networking events, Mission WOW works to facilitate building communities of women who share a common curiosity to discover their full potential. By creating a friendly and supportive environment, we hope to motivate women to want to learn new skills and have fun.

Mission WOW (Women of Winter/wheels/water) was created as an ideas exchange for women in the outdoors, a medium through which to trade knowledge and skills, share past experiences and plan future adventures.


Core Values

Mission WOW recognises that our success relies on participant satisfaction as word of mouth is our most valuable form of marketing for future clients

Mission WOW endeavours to

  • Be authentic in what we do
  • Be accountable for our actions and our words
  • Encourage adaptability, flexibility and diversity within our programs, outlook and decisions
  • Communicate with openness and integrity
  • Focus on creating a safe environment in which people feel comfortable to learn and expand their knowledge and skills
  • Interact positively with local communities
  • Think globally, act locally

Mission WOW aims to introduce positive challenges and inspire change in our lives while supporting and growing communities of like-minded individuals


Jo Guest- Founder/ Director

jo jumpI’m originally Scottish born and bred, and have been based in Wanaka, NZ for over 12 years.  I’m the founder and director of Mission WOW events.
With a Zoology degree and primary teachers qualification as my formal training, the not-quite-so logical next step was events.
I often feel like I created ‘a creature’ and, instead of sensibly taming it, I keep feeding it with more events. Mission WOW has continued to grow and adapt since 2009, challenging me in directions I never knew existed. I am never bored with my work!
I’m an active sort, with energy to burn. On snow, dirt, lakes or oceans, with good people to share it with, I’m in my element in the outdoors. I supplement my income and hunger for the wilderness by working with Otago University students. I learn so much each year from them and feel very grateful for the opportunity.

Mission WOW was born out of, what I felt was, a need for a supportive environment for women to learn and challenge themselves in.  I wanted to share what and how I had learnt, on bike, skis or surfboard, by introducing inspiring coaches to help me translate it to women so that they could enjoy it as much as we do.
I feel the community is very important. It’s good to belong, to help, to share and support others and you can be part of lots of different communities. You can have the people you bike with, your family friends, your dog-walking crew and your old school mates. It’s the connections we have with different people that enrich our life. Huge thanks go out to all family, friends and unsuspecting strangers who have been more than generous with their support, enthusiasm, advice and guidance since I started the mission.  There is so much knowledge and experience out there that I have been allowed to tap into and I will forever be grateful to all who share.
Thank you for you time,

Miek Deuninck- Media/PR/Marketing

DSC00118I love adventures, preferably involving skis and powder, or bikes and single track. If not those, a nice calm wave will do. Outside is my happy place, but a warm bed and a good book aren’t far behind. Banter with good people, quality food, and lots of laughter are also high on the list of things I love.
My curiosity is insatiable and at the moment I’m channelling that into study, I’m working towards a Master of Educational Psychology. I’m very interested in human potential, and how we can cultivate wonder, joy, and authenticity in our lives.
What Jo has created with Mission WOW fits in perfectly with this – we like to think that Mission WOW events will allow you to cultivate more wonder, joy, and authenticity in your own life. In my experience, this has certainly been the case: Mission WOW events are what propelled me back into adventure action after having my two children. The welcoming vibe of all the events made for a smooth transition; it felt good to remember I was actually pretty capable.
I live with my exceptionally talented partner (who will hate being described that way but often is), two children, a dog, and a cat (neither of which are exceptionally talented, especially when it comes to not eating disgusting things). Living as a family has taught me more about myself than just about anything else ever has! We live near Lake Hawea with a garage full of toys, and a house full of books and camera equipment.