Wanaka Heli-Bike-Camp-SUP mission



“Approaching a wall of mountain in a helicopter with a 35-knot gale blowing is a good way to start a MTB ride. Apart from the obvious advantage – you don’t have to ride up – it means you won’t be phased by the ride down, no matter how sketchy. Reassuringly, the pilot looked more like he was solving a particularly challenging Sudoku puzzle than landing a helicopter – full of women and bikes – on the top of a 1500m peak in a howling gale.” (excerpt from Miek Deuninck’s account of Mission WOW’s epic Heli-Bike-Camp-SUP mission on the banks of Lake Wanaka in Cooler Magazine)

Want to read more? Check out the article in Cooler Magazine‘s new issue. Download the digital version for here or subscribe for the paper version to be delivered to your door.

Big shout out to Wanaka Bike Tours,Wanaka Kayaks Sup & SailStash Media WorxCarrick Winery & RestaurantMount Edward Winery,Federal Diner Camilla Stoddart Photography for making it happen.






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