Mission WOW Longest Day Ride 2013

On Saturday the 21st of December we’ll be putting all that light to good use by riding from sunrise ’til sunset. Sort of… we reckon there’ll be a lot of eating, swimming and banter to break up the riding.

You can join us at any stage of the ride for as long or as little as you like. During the day we’ll be doing regular updates via Facebook  and Twitter so you’ll know where we’re at and can come find us.

The map below is “The Grand Ambitious Plan” which we have roughly 18 hours to complete. You never know: it could actually happen!



We’ll be kickstarting at 5.54am at the wharf on the Wanaka lakefront for coffee and bacon rolls. From there we’ll be driving to West Wanaka to start our day’s adventure with a ride up to a hut.

After that the plan is to make our way around the lake via the Glendhu Bay track, stop in town for second breakfast, carry on to Sticky Forest, head round Dean’s Bank, eat more, and then ride to the Luggate Pub – and maybe back – depending on the state of us. Because it’s a grand and ambitious plan, we also have Hawea in there as the final leg.

We’ll supply bacon rolls and coffee at sunrise for those who let us know they’ll be there. Other than that you’ll need to bring your own everything.

We suggest plenty of snacks (and $ for cafe / pub stops), clothing for all weather, spare tubes and puncture repair kits, and some basic first aid stuff. Just the regular things you bring when going on a big outdoors mission.

All our plans are loose plans, they may change as the day progresses. You’re welcome to come and go at any stage, bring friends / partners / kids, and go at whatever pace is comfortable.

So, who’s keen???


One response to “Mission WOW Longest Day Ride 2013

  1. meeeeeeeeee if i wasn’t working (gutted gutted)

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