Effort vs Reward, Treble Cone

It’s been a wet week.  After such a fab start to the season we watched, when the rain clouds cleared, as the snow level crept up the mountain. Gutted.

Treble Cone had been closed and the rain had groomed the entire mountain and then set it up, nice and firm like. Good base. Making sure it’ll stay around till spring. hmmmm.

View from saddle track, Treble Cone, Wanaka

When Thursday rolled around the the sun rose onto TC, the game was on again. 5-10cm in the saddle, that’s all we needed! The lower mountain was shimmering beautifully and with it the warning signs came- ‘Stay on piste, don’t venture off, very firm conditions. Lower main street closed’.  A bit more hmmmm.

View from saddle Chair, Treble Cone, Wanaka

When the saddle was open, and the obligatory chinese downhill was past, we ventured up for a sampling. And we were very pleasantly surprised.  the shady shoulders were in prime condition and the day was deemed well worth it.

From summit of Treble Cone, Wanaka looking back along Matukituki Vally

The summit was open and so a little trot up there was suggested. Smooth, creamy fresh goodness, way more than we had bargained for. Satisfaction guaranteed. A second little trot up the old summit hike ridge line took us to a slightly different view that we don’t see very often anymore. More of the same fresh and open, making the effort well worth the reward.

hiking the old summit ridge, Treble Cone, New Zealand

All in a morning and back down by lunch. Love it. Thanks Treble Cone. Looking forward to what you’ve got to offer tomorrow, we’ll be there rain or storm!


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