March 2013

Hi Blog,

Apologies for the slight lapse in attention that I’ve been paying you in the past 18 months.  My 2013 New Year’s resolution to ‘write more’ has taken a while to kick in, but I’m here and present now.

1 MARCH 2013


Over the past 3 months the Mission WOW Facebook site has been fortunate enough to be gifted the words, thoughts and fabulous findings of Miek Deuninck. She has also written numerous articles, press releases, personal accounts and informative descriptions. An absolute legend, in my books, and someone I’m forever grateful to.  If you’ve got a few minutes I would recommend checking out her blog and in particular the Eulogy to her grandmother. Genuine and open, her writing absorbs you and lets you in.

So, on the eve of my departure, Miek gave me my task- to start using Instagram, posting one photo a day, sprinkled with blog activity for good measure, describing my 2 month trip.

Here we are.

The first part of my journey has taken me from New Zealand to Canada, with a 24 hours stop off in Vancouver, having been taken to an early morning yoga class and a forest wander round Deep Cove in the pouring rain. Pretty stoked with my tour guide for that itinerary, thank you!

Road SnowI now sit aboard the notorious Greyhound bus for the next 9 hours as it delivers me to location number 1: Revelstoke, BC.

The mission? to meet up with 3 girlfriends from Scotland and Germany, on their Canadian powder hunting road-trip. We’re staying with good friends who have kindly let us take over their apartment and, almost more importantly, provided us with mountain knowledge and local adventure guides. Yeow! Will also be doing some scoping out for the potential locations to run Mission WOW events in Canada.


From Canada, I head to Scotland, with a quick 48 hours in Edinburgh before location 2- Chamonix beckons. Scott Sports are sponsoring Mission WOW, for the 3rd year, and this time we’re taking the women to the Bonatti Refuge on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, learning backcountry and touring techniques along the way. March 23-24, still room for you to sign up.

Location 3: Scotland, to catch up with friends and family and run the Mission WOW MTB bike skills weekend with Dirt School on 20-21st April at Glentress Forest, just south of Edinburgh.

Then back to NZ at the start of May. Woah.

Thanks for your time



3 responses to “March 2013

  1. Nice one Jo! Thanks for your kind words too, I’m enjoying being part of it all so cheers for the opportunity. I look forward to future updates!

  2. Amazing jojo, looking forward to more photos and updates! Big hugs, Milly xx

  3. What a fab website x

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