I got this email from an inspiring woman, Tomoko Kazama, who I met last year in Niseko, Japan.  She sorted out our motley crew, a gathering of friends from Scotland, NZ and Japan, with passes and contacts, to assist in our common craving for Japanese powder.

She wrote to encourage me, during my times of doubt, as to what on earth I was trying to achieve with Mission WOW.

“I personally think I would love to have people from all over the world and get united through the sports. So that we can communicate/share the culture and that is the way to bring happiness to everyone and want to have a theme of ‘no boundary’ between people/culture/religion/language and so on.

Have a simple and peaceful mind with exciting sports will do it!!!

Educate ourselves while having fun in nature is always the way to make people happy and we can appreciate the existence of ourselves living in such a wild planet.

Keep smiling and enjoy your program!!!!!


I now have the pleasure of knowing two Tomokos who have similar inspiring attitudes and energy, both having been in Japan last year but not actually meeting each other.

So I looked up what Tomoko means and Wikipedia came up with:

“Like many Japanese names, Tomoko can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

  • 友子 – “friendly child”
  • 知子 – “knowing child”
  • 智子 – “wise child”
  • 朋子 – “friendly child”
  • 皆子 – “beautiful girl”

They all ring true for the two Tomokos that I know. If these two are anything to go by, I’m looking forward to meeting more.

Maybe next year Mission WOW will land in Japan. With support from NZ and Japanese bases Tomokos, we’ll be sorted!


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