life is complicated, sport is simple

life is complicated
sport is simple
play is the medicine man.

Thanks Howies and Chris Fecher

You’re not designed for office life
You’re not designed to just sit there
You’re a hunter- gatherer, damn it
That urge to get out there goes back a long way
You need to feel the four winds
To tell stories around a shared camp fire
To see stars that will be famous for more than 15 minutes
To leave the hubbub, humdrum and hoo-ha behind
To listen to the stream trickle by To go places 4×4’s only go in TV ads
To put some distance between you and your work
To forget everything for a while
To make some molehills out of mountains
Play is best when not done to a deadline of a finish line
Play is a multivitamin, play is a detox, play is yoga for your mind
Play is the natural enemy of stress
Play is good, play is great, play is brilliant
Play is splashing in puddles, climbing mountains
And riding across them
Play is juvenile, pointless and dumb
And frankly, all the better for it
Work is complicated, play is simple!
Go play!


check out howies brainfood blog here


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