The new activity for the young, and young at heart, in the Wanaka area is the Aspiring Trampolining centre which Catherine Pell has opened in Hawea Flat. The set-up includes a double mini tramp into a foam pit, sprung with a trampoline underneath it, 2 Olympic trampolines and a 3rd black mat trampoline.  Catherine is a remarkable teacher, who has broken down ski and snowboard tricks into a simple progression, so even those with no air awareness at all can learn to fly.

photo: Neil Kerr @ Paradox Media

Classes and open sessions run Mon-Fri afternoons and evening but you need to book  in advance as she is choca block with folk wanting in. Check it out on Facebook at Aspiring-Trampolining. Soon to arrive and be hung from the rafters is a harness and a trapeze.

Whether you’re aspiring for Cirque du Soleil (see video below),  X-Games or just for fitness and fun, it’s all here for you. Be prepared to sweat hard and shock yourself. Challenge mind, get inverted and, if you’re not made of rubber, remember to stretch well afterwards, as you’re going to hurt!


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